Orion Pharma Thai

Orion Pharma Thai is a wholly owned subsidiary by the Orion Corporation and was established in the first quarter of 2020. The parent company, Orion Corporation a Finnish-based multinational pharmaceutical company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange (Nasdaq OMX). 

Orion’s pharmaceutical products have been available in the Thai market through partner distributors for many years. The Bangkok office focuses mainly on commercialization of Orion Corporations pharmaceutical products with a primary focus on prescription drugs of central nervous system, critical care and oncology, anticoagulant, respiratory and hormonal therapy.

The business operations are based on the company’s basic vales: appreciate each other, strive for excellence and building the future. We are dedicated to provide a good working atmosphere for multi-talented people where quality comes first.

We follow the spirit of Orion’s values based on trust, respect, innovation, customer service, quality, safety and the efficiency of processes, we are committed to providing innovative medical treatments and services of the highest quality to our patients, professionals health and the Thai Community.

Orion Corporation conducts intensive research to develop existing, and develop new, innovative, medical treatments. 

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